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Selling Watches: Everything You Need

Watches deserve special attention. Turn the experience of buying watches into a full experience that feels truly special. It all begins when the customer enters your shop.

#1: An eye-catching showcase

Create a stunning display of your watches, using beautiful, eye-catching watch displays for the watches that deserve special attention.

Watch Displays in Wood
Available in glossy white, glossy black or dark stained wood.

Watch Displays in Leatherette
Available in black or white Nappa leatherette.

Watch Displays in Acrylic Glass
Transparent, glossy displays that work in every showcase.

Keep your surplus storage in trays or watch boxes for well-arranged storage of your watches, that grants easy access to the individual pieces.

Classic Counter Trays
Available in leatherette or wood, with a hand-made insert.

Lightweight Trays
Available with a hand-made insert in either black or grey.

Watch cases
Available in wood or leatherette, with or without window

#2: Watch Packaging Matters

Use a packaging design that fits your shop and brand. Packaging can establish customer loyalty and masters brand storytelling.

Do I even need a special box for my watches?

Yes, without a doubt! A watch is an excellent gift and deserves packaging that makes a difference. After all, opening a package isn’t only about what is inside; the entire unboxing experience matters. Customers often use their watches daily, and for years at a time, so it is essential to make a positive impact on the receiver of the package.

Many watch brands come with their own packaging, but not all of them do. For watches that come without brand packaging, you should give your customers a similar unboxing experience. This turns buying a watch from you into something special, just as it should be, and just as it is when purchasing a watch from one of the larger brands.

Find your perfect packaging for watches right here, at Westpack ‘s. In our product range, you’ll find watch boxes in different designs and different price levels, ranging from budget-friendly watch boxes to those in the high-end of the scale. All boxes may be personalised with your logo or artwork, completely free of charge!

We even have an extra flat watch box that can be sent as a large letter, especially for watches sold online. Amsterdam watch boxes are just 20 mm high and are extra sturdy.

Find the Amsterdam watch boxes here >
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#3: Upselling: Home storage and Maintenance

Watch cases are not only for your surplus storage; they are perfect upselling products. Make sure you stock a few watch cases and sell them to your customers. The cases are especially suited for those with many different watches, as the boxes can contain between four and twelve watches.

Watch cases are shelf-items that are sold individually and can be sent within a workday. This means you won’t have to keep large quantities in stock; simply order when you need them.

We recommend you also stock polishing products that are specially designed for watches. For example, a polishing cloth for stainless steel items, or silver & multi-metal foam. Teach your customers how to properly care for their watches so they can enjoy them for many years, and sell your polishing products in the process

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