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Cardboard boxes can add that little extra. You know it - and so do we. With the Stockholm box, Westpack has designed a brand new style of boxes: Matchboxes with a small drawer.

Sales Manager, Henrik Hansen, holds three jewellery boxes: "I'm Stockholm" is beautifully printed with metallic gold and copper on each of them. He places the boxes on the table in front of us, while enthusiastically explaining: "We had several customers asking for a box like Stockholm. One customer even sent us a sample of a match-box. We really liked the idea with this match-box, but we were not impressed with the quality; it could definitely be improved."

Design and function

Sooner said than done. Our design team started designing the Stockholm box: "The process of making a brand new style of jewellery boxes is exciting but also challenging. The design and functionality should meet the expectations and needs of our customers." Henrik continues: "As regards the design, we wanted to create a drawer box in a sturdy quality. It had to be modern and with a clear link to our existing jewellery box ranges. We wanted a box with great functionality and a beautiful logo branding, and as always, tarnish tested. I believe, we succeeded with all of this."

Did you know...
...that Sweden is the largest producer of safe matchsticks? Therefore, we named this matchstick-looking jewellery box Stockholm.

Stylish new features

Why choose Stockholm? Henrik slides his fingers over the surface and pulls the satin string to open the drawer. He has no doubt: "You get a beautiful and different jewellery box of high quality, with a modern design and at a fair price."

This is the short version, but we are keen to learn more. "The structure is called Buckram and is actually a woven structure imitated on the cardboard. It gives a modern and unique look and it's also perfect for logo branding." Both the inside and the outside are covered with the paper, giving the box a coherent look no matter if it is open or closed.

And on to the construction. Henrik explains: "Stockholm is a jewellery box with a small drawer, and I must admit that I like that we have tried something new instead of the traditional lift-off- and hinged boxes. The matchbox is more modern but still functional for most jewellery. And the matching ribbon tempts you to grap and open the box."


Together with all the new features of the Stockholm box, we have also added more well-known features. "The Stockholm sizes are very close to our existing cardboard boxes. Also, the cuts in the foam are the same as in our Boston boxes. The Stockholm boxes are also designed to be personalized with customers logo brand on top of each box."

New colour: Nude

What about the colours?. Stockholm is available in black, grey and nude. Henrik explains: "Black is a classic, grey is very popular and nude? It's quite popular as well. When we launched the nude luxury bags, they were very well received. Nude is a very trendy colour. That's why we needed a box in a nude colour - and our choice was Stockholm."

Remember you can order a free sample online.

> See the range and order a free sample
> Article: It's that easy to change boxes

Stockholm is available in three colours and three sizes. All boxes are tarnish tested and can be branded with a logo colour of your choice. Our favourites? Most colours match the boxes beautifully, but we love the metallic copper print on the nude box and matt black on the grey boxes.

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