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New in: eco-friendly jewellery boxes made from recycled plastic

Westpack’s eco-series provides our customers with an eco-friendly alternative for some of our most popular jewellery boxes. This year, we introduce an entirely new concept: jewellery boxes made from recycled plastic. This blog entry tells you more about plastic recycling, the jewellery boxes, and how they differ from the regular plastic boxes.

What is recycled plastic?

Because plastic is non-biodegradable, recycling plastic is essential as part of the global efforts to reduce plastic waste in the environment. Henrik Jensen, plastics engineer at Westpack, is responsible for the development of this new plastic box. He explains how the recycling process works: ‘Plastic recycling refers to the process of recovering waste or scrap plastic and reprocessing it into a useful product.’

The recycling process explained:

Jensen continues: ‘We use recycled High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) to produce the new eco-friendly plastic jewellery boxes. We collect HIPS waste from industrial productions and shred it into tiny chunks (1). These small pieces are cleaned (2), melted down and processed into tiny pellets, also known as nurdles (3). These nurdles are then ready for reuse and can be used to produce new jewellery boxes.’

Torino jewellery boxes

Torino jewellery boxes have been part of our bestselling jewellery boxes for years. We have extended his series with a new, eco-friendly version, made from recycled plastic. Torino Eco is our first ever plastic box made from recycled plastic. Other than being eco-friendlier, the boxes are almost identical to the Torino boxes as you know them: a matt plastic box with elegant tooling in gold or silver.

View Torino ECO jewellery boxes here >>>

Seville jewellery boxes

The Seville series has been in our product range for many years. This popular jewellery box is now also available in an eco-friendly version. This version in recycled plastic is virtually indistinguishable from the original boxes. The matt black boxes with rounded edges have a cotton wadding filler.

View Seville ECO jewellery boxes here >>>

What is the difference?

Although the jewellery boxes in recycled plastic are similar to the original packaging, those with keen eyesight will spot a few differences. Jensen elaborates: ‘Recycled plastic is slightly less intense black than conventional black plastic boxes. The difference is subtle but noticeable if you look closely.’

Furthermore, we brand all recycled plastic packaging with our eco-friendly logo, along with an icon indicating that the box is made from recycled material. This will helps making your green statement visible to your customers, actively showing them that you use eco-friendly packaging.

Eco-friendly cardboard boxes

Besides eco-friendly plastic boxes, Westpack has quite a collection of eco-friendly jewellery boxes, produced in cardboard obtained from sustainable sources.

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