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Sell jewellery online

More and more people shop online nowadays and jewellery shopping is no exception to this. Using a proper packaging for your jewellery is even more important when you have an e-shop and send the jewellery to your customers. Let us show you a couple of ideas.

Many people don't buy jewellery without there being a special occasion. Many would, therefore, like to view the products before buying and depend on your expert guidance to find the best piece for their purpose. More and more customers, however, make their final purchase online, from the comforts of their own home.

If you, as a retailer, make sure that you have a well-functioning e-shop, you can offer your customers the best of both worlds. Invite your customers to your shop, guide and advise them expertly, but provide an online shop window, where customers can browse and order your lovely jewellery, even after the physical shop is closed for the night.

Choose Your Packaging with Care

We have said it many times before: packaging matters! Especially for online sales, where the packaging is needed to protect your jewellery, and you need to impress your customers (mostly) without any personal contact.

Jewellery purchased online is usually not hand-delivered to the customers. Use the right kind of packaging and you can still make sure you make good first impressions when your customers receive your beautiful pieces.

At the same time, we would not want you to have to spend a fortune on postage. Our shipment boxes provide you with all the benefits of regular jewellery boxes but because they are lower and lighter than their larger counterparts, you can send them as a large letter.

Shipment boxes

Using a jewellery box, instead of a less interesting ziplock bag, adds value to your jewellery. Additionally, you can rest assured that your jewellery is protected as best it can be.

Westpack offers these series of shipment boxes.


Amsterdam jewellery boxes are 20 mm high and are extra solid because the lid envelops the entire base. The ingenious insert of the boxes contains a satin strap that can be used to fasten rings and bracelets, so they do not rattle around in the boxes. Each box is delivered with an insert that has a number of different cuts, making the boxes very versatile.

· View Amsterdam Shipment Boxes


Frankfurt is another series of shipment boxes. These boxes are extra low (a mere 17 mm), making them suitable for posting jewellery as large letters in countries such as Germany and Norway. The shape of the boxes reminds us of a classic jewellery box, including the 7 mm foam insert with many different kinds of cuts. Both top and base are as low as they can be. These boxes are made to fit our bestselling series Boston; they are made in the same style and use the same materials. This means that you can easily combine these two series. Boston boxes can be used in your physical shop and Frankfurt boxes for your e-shop.

· View Frankfurt Shipment Boxes

Frankfurt ECO

We have expanded our Frankfurt series with an eco-friendly, FSC®-certified version. For the production of these boxes, we use glue, paper and cardboard that are eco-friendly. Both Frankfurt series are produced in our own production facilities in Holstebro, Denmark. Each box is stamped with the FSC®-certificate and has the ECO-logo embossed under the base, so Frankfurt ECO allows you to make a green statement to your customers.

· View Frankfurt ECO Shipment Boxes

Did you know that...
...all shipment boxes are produced at our own factory in Holstebro, Denmark. It reduces the CO2 emission, because we don't have to ship the jewellery boxes across the globe, before they are shipped to you.

Packaging and gift wrapping for your online shop

Jewellery bags

If you don't want to use boxes, we recommend you use our beautiful jewellery pouches instead. The pouches are available in many different sizes and materials, and many can be printed with your company logo. Try our leatherette pouches or our new Fairtrade pouches made of organic cotton.

· View all jewellery pouches

Gift wrapping

Gift-wrapping a jewellery box that needs to be sent to your customer might seem challenging. Even though you won't be able to use poofy, lavish bows, you can still make a fine looking gift-wrap, by using the right materials.

· Gift wrapping inspiration for online shops

We recommend wrapping the box in a lovely wrapping paper and adding a simple yet classy bow in satin ribbon. Satin ribbon is easy to use and doesn't cringe easily, making it perfect for the purpose.

· View This Season's Wrapping Papers
· View Satin Ribbon
· View Luxury Ribbon

You can also offer your customers to receive - or buy - a foldable gift-box along with their order, so they can gift-wrap their own presents. You just need to make sure there is room for the unfolded box or bag in your envelopes.

· View All Gift-Boxes
· View All Gift-Bags

A Little Extra Protection During Transport

Add a little extra protection by wrapping your boxes in tissue paper. We have many different kinds of tissue paper. Choose our standard coloured tissue paper, or our lovely new pearlescent tissue paper for a more luxurious feel. Encourage your customers to reuse the tissue paper when the jewellery gift is passed on in a gift box or jewellery bag.

· View All Tissue Paper
· View chloride and acid free Tissue Paper
· View Branded Tissue Paper


When your beautiful jewellery is ready to be dispatched, you obviously need a bubble lined envelope to send it in. Choose a classic bubble lined envelope in the appropriate size, use one of our clever self-sealing bags in bright patterns or use a shipment box that can be printed with your logo inside the lid.

· View All Items for Shipment

Our FSC® license number is FSC®C112509. The mark of responsible forestry. www.fsc.org

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