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This entry was posted February 20, 2019

One Stop Shop: All you need for your jewellery store

We are in this together! From you receive your products, to the maintenance of your jewellery, the presentation, the sales, and last but not least to get a little extra in the till.

Westpack has a mission: to be your preferred supplier of items to display and sell your products.

We consider ourselves to be experts in jewellery packaging, and it is our forte to estimate your needs, so that we can sell you products that present your jewellery in the best possible way, and thereby contribute to better sales.

We are in this together – learn how:

One Stop Shop: All you need for your jewellery store

When You Receive Your Jewellery

You need the perfect jewellery storage, right after receiving your jewellery. We recommend our zipper bags, which are easy to work with and reduce the risk of your jewellery tarnishing.

Furthermore, simple price marking is essential to making your sales as easy as possible. Lastly, professional polishing products for jewellery are a must for making your jewellery appear irresistible in your shop.

Checklist pre-sales:

One Stop Shop: All you need for your jewellery store

Sell with Style

Sales are always in focus, so why not let us help you on the way? Awaken your customer’s interest in your shop, with an exquisite and inviting window presentation.

As soon as the customers walk into your shop, the real work begins. To make this as easy as possible for you, make sure you use the best tools, so that your jewellery shows in the best way possible. This could for example be with help from suitable jewellery- and presentation trays.

Checklist during the sale:

  • Different displays , colours, and materials to create an inviting presentation.
  • Jewellery trays in different colours, and qualities. Choose your inserts that suits your jewellery perfectly.
  • Presentation rolls for all kinds of jewellery – easy and space-saving storage, also on the go!

(Pssst… Get inspired for your jewellery display in our inspiration archive )

One Stop Shop: All you need for your jewellery store

Jewellery Boxes Are More Than Packaging Alone

It can’t really surprise you; we love jewellery packaging! Don’t forget that after you have sold your jewellery, you have a unique opportunity to advertise your business and to be remembered.

Try considering how many times your boxes with your name change hands. Make sure everybody knows where those fine pieces of jewellery came from!

Therefore, choose boxes, gift wrapping, and bags that represent your shop, and your jewellery.

Checklist after sales:

One Stop Shop: All you need for your jewellery store

A Little Extra in The Till

At this point you already have a conversation going with the customer, so why not make use of the situation and sell complementary products to create additional sales?

Here are some specific products we trust will contribute to your bottom line:

One Stop Shop: All you need for your jewellery store

Cheaper Purchasing Equals More Profit

We would love to help you optimising your purchasing! You can easily receive a great quantity discount when buying jewellery packaging. Additionally we offer a BULK BUY concept, allowing you to save a lot of money, when buying larger quantities, at a slightly longer delivery time. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets!

Three updates for you:

  • BULK BUY Jewellery boxes If you can buy 1920 boxes in one go, and can wait up to three weeks for your order, this is the cheapest solution for you.
  • BULK BUY Bags Order 5000 jewellery pouches or carrier bags, and get many additional possibilities for logo printing. Delivery time is approximately eight weeks.
  • BULK BUY Gift Wrapping Would you like your satin ribbon or tissue paper to be printed with your logo? No problem!

Anything Else We Can Do for You?

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales department if you have any questions, or you need our help with finding the right kind of packaging. We would be happy to hear from you, also if you haven’t been able to find what you were looking for. We are happy to help!

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