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This entry was posted December 22, 2020

The joy of anticipation

We all know the feeling. The joy of anticipation is great, so once we have put something in the virtual shopping cart and clicked "Order", we can hardly wait for the order to be delivered.

If you are a new customer with us and you order branded products (with logo print), you should expect to receive your order in approximately 14 days. This is partly due to the fact that your logo must be transformed into one or more clichés before we can print your logo on our jewellery boxes, bags and the like.

The process your order goes through:

In the following, you can see an overview of the process that your order goes through. The timeline in this example assumes that you will approve the 'proof copy for logo' on day 3.

Day 2:

Our graphic designer makes sure that your logo is suitable for logo printing. We then send you a 'proof copy for logo' that you have to approve.

Day 4 - 9:

Your cliché is manufactured, whereafter your products are branded. If you have ordered several items, we make sure that everything is ready and can be shipped at the same time.

Day 1:

You find the products you want and place an order. Remember to attach your logo!

Day 3:

You approve the logo. Then we send you an order confirmation and begin to plan the production.

Day 10:

We ship your order from our Danish warehouse. Expect a transit time of approx. 2-4 business days.


What should I do after I have ordered?

When ordering, you will be asked to upload your logo in a vector file, eg .ai or .pdf. Our graphic designer needs the file to prepare the proof copy for logo. This is sent to you via mail.

The faster you reply to our mail with the proof copy for logo, the better. As soon as the proof copy for logo is approved, we can order your cliché. A cliché is a metal stamp with your logo, required for the branding of your products.

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But I didn't receive a mail with a proof copy for logo?

If you didn't receive an email, we kindly ask you to check your spam folder, where the file could end up. In case the email has not arrived, you are very welcome to contact us, so that we can send it to you again.

How long is the processing time on my next order?

If you reorder and choose your existing logo, then we can reuse the cliché that has already been made for you. We save your clichés in our warehouse for future use.

Just remember: if you make changes to your logo, or you need it in another size, we have to make new clichés.

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