Tutorial: This is how you fold your eco-friendly inserts

This entry was posted February 14, 2020

ECO-friendly cardboard inserts for jewellery boxes

Can you replace a foam insert by a piece of cardboard? It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t! We introduce an updated version of our eco-friendly Boston ECO jewellery boxes, with sustainable inserts made of FSC®-certified cardboard.

Once you receive your very first order of Boston ECO jewellery boxes, you will soon notice that the boxes are empty, and the inserts come in a separate stack. You will soon find out that this is because it is quite challenging to add jewellery to the insert once it’s in the box. Therefore, fixating the jewellery first and then adding the inserts to the box, is easier. Here's a tutorial for you.

  1. Lay the insert flat, for example, on your table or workbench, velvet side down. (Do make sure your insert land on a clean surface, as they happen to be dust-magnets...)
  2. The underside of the insert shows the folding lines you need to use. Fold all sides down, except the snippet on the upper edge of the insert (a tiny, square piece), which needs to be folded the opposite way.
  3. Flip the insert; the velvet side should be facing up now. The four edges should be folded downwards; the snippet folded upwards. (You can use this snippet to remove the insert from the box again, should this prove necessary)
  4. Fixate your jewellery onto the insert and place the insert with your jewellery into a box.
  5. Gently push the insert down.

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FSC® is the mark of responsible forestry. www.fsc.org.
Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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