White with grey: a popular combination!

This entry was posted May 2, 2018
Beautiful Grey Berlin Jewellery Boxes

New: Luxurious Berlin with grey insert. Our glossy white boxes are now also available with a light grey insert. Would that be something for you?

Berlin is, undoubtedly, one of our most exquisite jewellery boxes. We have expanded the series with a beautiful new colour combination. At first glance, the boxes are very similar to the white Berlin boxes we already have. Both boxes have a hinged lid and a glossy white finish. But when you open the box, a fashionable light grey insert shows. Wow! What a box!

Our most luxurious jewellery box is made from wood. Each box comes in a protective cardboard box. Both boxes may be branded with your logo, completely free of charge! The cardboard box ensures optimal protection of the boxes during transport. It really adds to the experience when your customer has to unwrap not one but two boxes! Think of it as additional packaging (and branding!) that costs you nothing extra.

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