Free cliches with your first order

This entry was posted March 30, 2020
Free clichés with your first order.

Have you seen our introductory offer? Your clichés are free with the first order!

If you are a new customer, you get your clichés for free with the first order. This way you can get your own logo on your jewellery boxes, pouches and similar without starting costs. The offer is valid for standard clichés and not for clichés that are meant for printing on plastic bags and displays.

How do I place my first order?

It's easy to order branded products - you simply order via the online store, and with only a few clicks, your order is complete. From here, we take care of the rest!

  1. Register as a user on our online store


  2. Find the product you want - for example a jewellery pouch


  3. Select the number of items you want to order - plus colour and print colour.


  4. Upload your logo and complete the ordering process


  5. Our graphical designer creates a 'proof copy' that you will recieve via mail


  6. When you have approved, the cliché will be produced and your order will be processed


  7. The order will be shipped and we keep your cliché in our warehouse for future orders


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What is a cliché?

A cliché is a printing plate with your logo on - a necessity when working with foil printing, as we do at Westpack.

The cliché is made of metal and is mounted in our machines, when we brand the boxes, bags, labels (etc.) that you order. The customized metal plate is heated and pressed down on your product. If you have selected a print colour, a foil is placed between the cliché and the product - the heat of the metal cliché debosses your logo into the surface of the product, and the melted foil fills out the indentations.

In some cases, you can choose to simply have the logo debossed into the surface, leaving out the step of placing the foil between the cliché and the product.

Free clichés with your first order.

What is a standard cliché and a special cliché?

We have standard clichés in two different sizes: 1.1x0.98 inches (28x25mm) for small boxes used for rings and earrings - and 1.5x1.38 inches(38x35mm) for our other boxes. With these two standard sizes you can have your logo branded on all of our jewellery boxes meant for branding.

Special clichés are made specifically for printing on carrier bags, displays and jewellery trays. Special clichés are not a part of our introductory offer - you can read more about special clichés and see prices here.

Can a cliché be reused?

A cliché is a one-time expense, and we store the cliché for you. This means that you can always reorder products and the same cliché will be used - but it's worth noting, that if you want to make changes to the design or size of your logo, a new cliché has to be made.

Read more about logo print and print colour. You are also more than welcome to reach out to our sales department, if you have any questions about our products or logo printing etc.

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