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ECO Carrier Bags at Low Cost

We proudly present our new low-cost carrier bags made from FSC®-certified paper. Available in three sizes and four colours.

Let’s start with a couple of facts. The bags are available in black, grey, white and plain brown. The latter two are coloured all the way through, while both the black and grey version, are white inside. The twisted paper handles are firmly attached to the paper bag, with reinforced seams. The bags are made from a 90 gsm FSC®-certified paper that rustles in exactly the right way when you open the bag. Yes, we know, we are quite geeky when it comes to packaging and paper quality, but these new ECO-bags just strike the right note.

Hear the bag (Yes, we’re geeky)

Product Development with the Customer in Mind

Sales Manager Henrik Hansen shares: ”We love to do more with eco-friendly products. These kinds of products are in high demand with our customers. We gladly incorporate customer feedback into our product development processes. It was therefore quite natural that we made the low-cost carrier bag available in an eco-friendly version.”

This is what FSC® and ECO stand for

Eco-friendly on a Budget

Plastic bags are more and more controversial to use. In line with these developments on the market, the demand for affordable paper bags increased. “We can’t overlook the fact that a paper bag has a much ecological look and feel than a plastic bag could ever have,” says Hansen and continues: “We needed an eco-friendly alternative and found these fabulous carrier bags made from FSC®-certified paper. The bags are of good quality and straightforward design. They look excellent with a customer logo. “

And logo print matters, as we know. “Even though we’re selling a low-cost bag, we wish to offer our customers the possibility to order the bags branded with their logo. Carrier bags serve as a business card, and in this, logo print is simply needed”, Hansen says.

ECO in the Details

On the bottom of the bag, you can find the small FSC®-brand that guarantees you the product is made from paper from a sustainable source. It shows your customers you care about the environment. The bags are produced in Sweden, one of the world’s largest paper producers. As an added benefit, Sweden is “right next door”. Because there isn’t a long way from Sweden to Denmark, the carbon footprint of these bags in terms of their transport is relatively low.

View the new bags and order a free sample

Our FSC licence number is FSC®C112509.

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