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Bring out the bling!

There is no doubt that a glittering piece of jewellery is beautiful and enticing – both when your customers decide to buy the jewellery and when they experience the joy of wearing it. Therefore, polishing products are a must-have in your range.

You probably use them yourself, a few carefully selected polishing products. Both when you want to ensure that the jewellery presents beautifully in your window display and when you hand a piece of jewellery with its perfect, sparkly look over to your customer.

We don’t know which polishing products you normally use, but we recommend “Connoisseurs”, a well-known American brand that we have just launched in our online shop.

Connoisseurs brand their products as “Beauty Treatments for Jewellery” – and that’s exactly what makes them unique: the fact that their products are a bit more than merely polishing products – they offer a true care package for your jewellery.

A First-class Brand

Connoisseurs is an American company with its production facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, where all their products are produced. With a constant focus on innovation and quality, Connoisseurs has ensured themselves a place at the top of the industry. Therefore, they are the natural choice for Westpack’s range, explains Sales Manager Henrik Hansen, elaborating:

“Connoisseurs is a quality product with a modern style that can be clearly seen in, for example, their packaging and marketing. This makes the polishing products even more charming to sell on –special attention is paid to the details while, at the same time, the quality is first class. Two things that many people nowadays notice and demand.

The products are suitable both for resale and for personal use. The polishing cloths and cleaning fluids are ideal for use both at the bench, to maintain your collection in your jewellery shop, or as a perfect upselling product that really adds value.

View the Connoisseurs range

Stik and Wipes

Two products, in particular, catch the eye as potential must-haves when it comes to upselling products. “We are crazy about “Diamond Dazzle Stik” – a lipgloss-like pen for diamonds and precious stones – “and Jewellery Beauty Wipes” – disposable wipes for jewellery. Both products are easy to bring with you when you are on the move, for example in your handbag or your carry-on. Therefore, they are perfect for customers that never want to make concessions when it comes to polished jewellery,” concludes Henrik.

View the Diamond Dazzle Stik
View the Jewellery Beauty Wipes

Purchase an acrylic display so you can present your Connoisseurs products effectively. Choose from three models: One with space for all six products, one for Stiks and wipes and one exclusively for the delightful Dazzle Stik. The latter is especially perfect for incorporating the products into your window display, in several parts of your shop).

View the Displays
View the Entire Connoisseurs Range

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