Branding – the art of being remembered

This entry was posted January 9, 2018
Branding – the art of being remembered

We often hear about the importance of branding your business or brand. But why is this important, and how do you do it?

We start with a fun fact: The word branding originally comes from the branding of cattle, so that one's own cattle could be recognised and separated from the others. Nowadays, we're not referring to cattle anymore, but to establishing your brand, product, or shop in the market, creating a recognisable image and standing out from the crowd.


Branding – is that something for me?

YES! As easy as that. You might think that branding is only important for large businesses, but we don't think that is the case. For small brands and shops, it is equally important to stand out from the crowd. After all, competition is murdering.

Just think about how many jewellery retailers there are in your area. Often there are more than one, all fighting over the same customers. And of course, we want them to pick you!

Let's get things straight: Excellent customer service and the selection of the best jewellery are important. This is where you are the expert; we don't want to meddle in that.

Branding – the art of being remembered

Where we come into play is the more visual aspect of your sales. To personalise or brand your products creates recognition and makes you stand out. This is where you can use your company name and logo effectively. We need to make your brand recognisable.


It is all about communication

Branding is communication. And nowadays, communication largely happens through online media, but also though mouth-to-mouth advertisement, people share "offline". Every time this happens, you have the opportunity to tell your customers a little bit about yourself.

Just think of your display. How many customers walk by your shop window every day? Some might take pictures and share them online. It is of vital importance that you make sure nobody ever is in doubt it concerns YOUR shop window. When a customer then decides to buy the item, your shop will naturally be the one they use.


This is how you get recognised

We cannot help you with your entire communication strategy or your graphic profile. What we can do, is make sure your logo features on all your packaging and on your display material.

Make sure your customers know that this amazing product can be bought in your shop. Add your logo to your display, to your price tags, and to you gift-bags. Use your branded jewellery boxes as part of your shop window.


Branding through packaging

Each time you present a customer with a branded jewellery box containing their purchase, you hand out a little ambassador for your brand. A box or a bag that reminds people of who you are.

Exploit this opportunity for branding by making sure your name and logo are visible and recognisable.

Seeing other people walk the High Street with your branded bag also generates interest from potential new customers. After all, if other people have bought it, it must be something good!

Branding – the art of being remembered


Branding through display

Order display material personalised with your logo. Consider combining printed and plain items. We want your shop window to look stylish and classy, without turning it into a neon sign flashing your logo.

Make room to actively use personalised packaging in your shop window. Add display material with a display window, that offers room for advertising material; the perfect way of informing customers of seasonal offers or brand advertisement.

Inspiration for using your logo in your shop window can be found in our inspirational photo gallery. Follow us on Instagram and view our own and our customer's many good ideas for packaging and display.

Branding – the art of being remembered
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