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We welcome Belfast

We have upgraded our cardboard boxes with a new version that has a velour surface.

We always watch for new trends and possibilities to refine our products. Cardboard boxes are extremely popular and the London box opened up for a new category of luxury cardboard boxes. Now we introduce a new style: Cardboard covered with velour.

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Modern and classic

Belfast is a mix of two classic materials: Cardboard and velour. The well-known sharp edges against the soft velour make Belfast both well-known and completely changed.

Sales manager, Henrik Hansen, explains the choice: "The idea was to make a cardboard box in a new and popular material, which keeps going strong within the jewellery business, viz velour. Belfast is a stylish jewellery box which supplements our other cardboard boxes well. Belfast is the perfect match for jewellery, you want to present with a classic touch".

Velour is still going strong

Back to the choice of material. Within the past few years, velour has become increasingly popular- both within interior decoration and clothing - after having been out in the cold for several years.

This makes velour a modern choice, but within the jewellery industry velour is a beloved classic; the light structured surface presents shiny, beautiful jewellery in a unique and luxurious way.

Love velour? See our Baltimore boxes.

Tip: Keep a small lint roller within reach, when working with the velour. The lint roller easily removes the small speck of dust, which might get caught in the soft surface.

More details

Belfast is made of sustainable paper covered by viscose flock. The box is available in light grey with a white insert, and in black with a black insert; Each colour comes in four sizes and all boxes are of course tarnish free. What about the logo print?

Belfast can be printed in metallic gold, metallic silver or debossed without foil. Logo print on the box makes the box personal and promotes your brand. Henrik has a clear favourite: "Personally, I am keen on the debossed print without foil, where you get a really stylish effect of the slightly debossed logo print in the soft velour surface. A simple and beautiful change of the surface."

Do you want to see and feel Belfast? We are happy to send you a free sample:

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Match Belfast with e.g. faux suede pouches or luxury carrier bags.

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