AW23 Christmas Gift (3)

AW23 Christmas Gift (3)          

AW23 Christmas Gift Wrapping

Elegant Gift Bow

For an eye-catching, voluminous bow that's sure to impress, the Bowdabra Bowmaker is your go-to tool! Creating the perfect bow is a breeze with it. For this exquisite bow, we've utilized various ribbons in harmonious colors that beautifully complement the gift wrapping paper.

The dusty blue matte ribbon serves as an ideal base for the bow, providing a solid foundation. To add volume and a touch of sophistication, we've incorporated a blue organza ribbon. To tie it all together and match the motifs in the wrapping paper, a stunning metallic copper ribbon is the finishing touch.

This bow adds an extra layer of elegance to your gift presentation, enhancing the overall charm of the wrapping, which features delightful motifs like deer, hearts, and Christmas trees. The gift paper itself showcases a captivating dusty blue hue adorned with a plethora of Christmas-themed designs in a shiny copper finish. It's the ultimate choice to make your Christmas presents truly stand out.

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