AW23 Christmas Gift (1)

AW23 Christmas Gift (1)          

AW23 Christmas gift wrapping

Gifts with elegance

Create a Christmas gift wrap that oozes elegance and Christmas cheer. Our luxurious gift wrapping is created to enchant and impress with every look. ✨ The beautiful black wrapping paper is adorned with embossed gold print that brings the Christmas spirit to life with a touch of sophistication. The pattern works on both large and small packages.

For the bow we have used a bouquet of colors that all bring out the Christmas spirit. A beautiful metallic shiny gold ribbon, a glitter ribbon in brown as hot cocoa and crackling fireplace fire. For fullness we have used a soft organza ribbon. The entire bow is constructed with the help of the Bowdabra Bowmaker.

For this look we have used:

Don't forget the right tools:


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