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Logo Printing

Many of our products can be personalised with your logo print. This article provides you with more information about your options, the required files, and answers the most frequently asked questions regarding logo printing.

1. What is a cliché?

To be able to print your boxes with a logo, a so called cliché is needed. A cliché is a metal printing stamp we use to print your logo on the products.

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2. Which type of file do I need to provide?

We would prefer to receive your logo in a vector file, preferably in .ai or .eps format. The logo needs to be outlined and in black and white.

If you do not have your logo available in .ai or .eps format, it is possible for Westpack to convert your logo to the required file, which costs £ 20 / € 30. We will send you the vector file with the proof copy.

You can upload your logo file during check-out (step 1). If, for some reason, you can’t get this to work properly, you can always send the logo file per e-mail to afterwards, with a reference to the order number.

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3. What is a vector file?

A vector file is a graphic display of an image that uses mathematical principles such as points, lines, curves, etc, to describe the size of the logo, and the distance and ratio between the different parts of the logo.

For example, we take a logo that contains a circle and a text over this circle. The vector file contains exact information regarding the size of the circle in relation to the text, the angle of the curves, the placement of the text in the circle, etc. The size of both items is not absolute, only the ratio between the two. This means that the file can be expanded endlessly, without having consequences for the resolution (ppi) and thus quality.

The counterpart of a vector file is a raster file, or pixel file.

The image below illustrates the difference between a vector file (left) and a pixel file (right). In both cases, a circle is visible. What can’t be seen, is that the left circle is an outlined file, using vectors, and the right circle is a large collection of many separate pixels. Only after we’ve enlarged the images considerably, the difference between the two becomes visible. As you can see, the enlargement of the left circle has no consequences at all for the quality of the circle. Contrary to the right circle, which has its quality greatly reduced by this enlargement. The edge of the circle is no longer sharp, but is blurred and looks a bit like a flight of stairs.

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4. How large will my logo be?

We generally use two standard sizes for our clichés, 28 x 25 mm and 38 x 35. These two sizes can be used for almost all types of jewellery boxes. However, this is not set in stone. We can easily divert from these sizes, making the cliché larger or smaller. We do advise you to contact our sales department about the possibilities for the specific product you’d like to order.

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5. Which printing technique will be used?

Westpack offers a wide array of printing colours for the personalisation of your products. Logo printing can only be done in mono-colour.

We print your logo onto the products using foil printing. This printing technique is especially good for printing in metallic colours, such as gold and silver. Unfortunately, this technique also has a few limitations: very fine details and/or very large areas, are difficult to print fairly.
Do you doubt whether your logo can be usedt? Let us help you. Our sales department has a lot of experience in the matter and is able to guide you through the process.

Available printing colours can be viewed  here."↑ back to top

6. Where will my logo be placed?

There are several possibilities for the placement of your logo on our products. Usually, the products in the online shop have our logo on. When you order personalised items, this logo will be replaced with your own. This means the WP-logo is a good indicator for the default placement of the logo on the products you wish to order.

If you would like to have the logo placed somewhere else, this usually isn’t a problem. We do advise however that you contact our sales department prior to ordering, to talk through the different options and/or limitations.

Logo placement on jewellery boxes
Unless specifically stated differently, your logo will always be printed centred. Most jewellery boxes will be printed on top of the lid. Some boxes will be printed on the inside of the lid (usually with luxury jewellery boxes). In either case, the default logo placement is visible by looking at the placement of the WP-logo on the boxes.

Folding boxes, Jewellery pouches and Carrier bags
Folding boxes, jewellery pouches, carrier bags, and a few other products, usually use a different placement for the logo. The default logo placement is visible by looking at the placement of the WP-logo on the products.

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7. What does all of this cost?

The costs for the clichés, the printing stamps, are one-off. We can re-use the clichés for re-orders, provided the clichés can be used for the products that you order. Usually, the clichés made for jewellery boxes are interchangeable with clichés for carrier bags, jewellery pouches and gift-cards, provided that they fit on the ordered product. For labels, plastic bags and repair bags, separate clichés will need to be ordered.

Clichés are £ 20 / € 30 per piece. As an introductory offer, you receive all the clichés required for your first order, free of charge.

After your logo has been received, our graphic designer will draw up a proof of your logo. This is a schematic view of your logo, in black and white. We will send this print proof to you by e-mail, for your approval. The cliché will not be ordered until after we have received your approval of the logo proof, per e-mail.

Our graphic designer can draw up a vector file for you, should you not have that type of file in your possession. We charge £ 20 / € 30 for making a graphical drawing of your logo. You will also receive the vector file by e-mail, so you can re-use this.

For most jewellery boxes, logo printing is free of charge. For printing on folding boxes, jewellery pouches, and carrier bags, a surcharge is added. Whether the price of the product is including logo printing or not, is determined by the item number:

Item number ends in 2    Logo printing is included in the price
Item number ends in 1    Logo printing is not included in the price
Item number ends in 0    Logo printing is not possible

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8. Which clichés do I need?

Usually, the clichés made for jewellery boxes are interchangeable with clichés for carrier bags, jewellery pouches and gift-cards, provided that they fit on the ordered product.

For labels, plastic bags and repair bags, tissue paper and satin ribbon with print, separate clichés will need to be ordered. ↑ back to top

9. Available Printing Colours

Click  here to watch all the available printing colours.

10. How long does it take?

As a rule of thumb, your products will be dispatched within a week of approving the clichés, provided the approval has been received on a work day.
Our sales department will always confirm the expected dispatch date in a final order confirmation.

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