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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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  • Products and Prices

  • Logo print

  • Orders

  • Shipment and Delivery

  • Returns and Complaints

  • Payment

  • Folders and Flyers

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  • Other Questions

  • Products and Prices

    How can I view the prices of the products?
    To directly view the prices of all of our products, a log-in for our web shop is required.
    Not created a login yet? Click here to register.

    How can I view my sales history?
    Log in to your account to view your sales history, log in by entering your username and password in the log-in box.

    Is it possible to receive samples?
    Yes it is possible to receive samples; this is the ideal way for you to judge if the product suits you and your shop. Our samples are delivered with a Westpack logo, to show you what a personalised jewellery box looks like. When you order the products, you will receive the product either with your own logo, or plain - that is up to you.
    Samples are free of charge, but freight costs can be added to the order.

    Is it possible to develop custom made jewellery boxes?
    Yes it is possible to design a custom made jewellery box, following your wishes in size, colour, material, etc. For more information, please contact our sales department.

    What is the minimum order?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to order a smaller quantity than one package contains, we do not sell opened packages. The online shop indicates what the minimum order is with and without logo print. It is possible to order smaller quantities if you order without logo print - but only on some products.

    Are the prices including or excluding VAT?
    All prices in our online shop and catalogue are excluding VAT.

    Could I receive a discount?
    All customers will normally receive a standard quantity discount; the more boxes you order, the lower the price per piece will be.  To view all the quantity discounts of our products, please log in to our online shop.
    For large orders and special prices, please contact our sales department.

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    Logo Print

    Will I be charged extra for logo printing?
    The prices of most of our jewellery boxes are including a standard logo print, except the series Plano jewellery boxes. Logo printing is possible on this series, but a printing fee will be added. On most of our jewellery bags, gift-certificates and carrier bags a printing fee will also be added.

    To be able to print your logo on the jewellery boxes, we need to order a cliché. This is a metal print plate with your logo on it, which we use to print your logo (using foil print). Clichés cost € 30 / £ 20 per piece and only need to be ordered once per size. Logo clichés can be re-used, so costs for these are one-off, provided you re-order the same products.

    How should I send my logo to Westpack?
    It is possible to directly upload your logo on our website, when you are logged in, or send the logo by e-mail.

    What is the desired format of my logo file?
    We prefer to receive your logo in .ai or .eps format, made in Illustrator. It is most important that the logo is outlined (vectorised) and in black and white.

    I don’t have my logo available in the desired format, could you help me with this?
    Should you not have your logo in the desired format (see above), we can help you with the graphic design. Westpack is no graphic designing agency, so we can not design your logo. However, we can help you with converting your logo file to .ai or .eps. A graphic conversion of your logo costs € 30 / £ 20. We will send the converted file to you as well, so you can use it for other purposes.

    Will the logo be printed in the same size on all of the jewellery boxes?
    We normally order two sizes of clichés for you; a small cliché of 28x25mm for the smaller boxes, and a 38x35mm cliché for the bigger boxes. Naturally it is possible to order different sizes, e.g. a bigger cliché for the collier boxes.  The size of your logo can only be adjusted by ordering a new cliché in the desired size. For more information please contact our sales department.

    Where will the logo be placed on the jewellery boxes?
    By default, the logos will be printed in the middle of the lid of the jewellery box. However, the placement of the logo can vary, depending on the jewellery box. It is possible to choose special placement for your logo, for example in a corner of the lid, at a fee of €7 / £ 5 per box size. Please note that for every box-size, permitted the box allows this, with special placement, a separate cliché needs to be ordered.
    For more information about logo print, contact our sales department.

    In which colours can I have my logo printed?
    For most of our boxes you can choose from the following print colours click here to view them. We have metallic colours, matt colours and transparant print colours.
    For special wishes, advice and other options, please contact our sales department.

    What is the minimum quantity that needs to be ordered if I want jewellery boxes with print?
    The minimum quanthat needs to be ordered differs per series and size. As a rule of thumb: the minimum amount for plastic boxes is 96 pieces, for cardboard boxes 48/96 pieces and for luxury jewellery boxes 24/48 pieces.
    This amount can be less for larger boxes such as collier boxes.
    Should you select logo print in our online shop, the minimum quantity will automatically be selected.

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    What is the minimum amount I need to order for?
    There is no minimum amount you have to order for. Please do note that there is a minimum quantity of products you need to order to be able to have logo print on your jewellery boxes. If you combine your orders you will be able to save money on the freight costs, as you will receive free freight when ordering for € 500 / £ 300.

    In addition to the prices in the online shop, will additional costs be added when my order is processed?
    For orders of less than € 500 / £ 300 freight will be added to the invoice. After the publication of our catalogue, prices of the products could have been changed. For the current prices and the full range of products, we redirect you to our online shop.

    When will I receive my delivery?
    All products without logo print or that don’t require further assembling, ordered on workdays before 14:00 (CET), will be dispatched the same day. Products with logo print or assembling will be shipped within 2 work days, as long as we have your logo cliché. Products that are not in stock at the time will be sent freight free as a backorder to the customer. When orders to UK are dispatched it will take 3-4 work days until the customer receives the order, and orders to Finland will take 3-5 work days.
    Note that the delivery time varies strongly for shipments to different countries.  Please contact our sales department for more accurate information.

    Is it possible to place an order as a private customer?
    Unfortunately Westpack only sells to companies and no private customers.  

    Do I need a VAT number to be able to place an order at Westpack?
    To be able to place an order at Westpack you need a valid VAT-number, or be registered as company. To be able to trade VAT-free within the European Union, it is necessary for Westpack to list your VAT-number. Should you not have a VAT-number but are the owner of a registered company, it is possible to place your order at the Danish VAT-rate, in which case you need to add 25% VAT to the invoice. Should you choose this, the order needs to be prepaid. Note: Sole traders from the UK is an exception to the rule, and can order against 25% and prepayment.

    For more information, please contact our sales department

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    Shipment and Delivery

    Will freight costs be added to my order?
    Yes, freight will be added to your order. Should your order exceed €250 / £150 , your order will be sent freight free (within EU-countries only). Click here to view the freight charges.

    When will I receive my order?
    All products without logo print or that don’t require further assembling, ordered on workdays before 14:00 (CET), will be dispatched the same day. Products with logo print or assembling will be shipped within 2 work days, as long as we have your logo cliché. Products that are not in stock at the time will be sent freight free as a backorder to the customer. Delivery time varies strongly for shipments to different countries. Please contact our sales department for more accurate information.

    How can I track my order?
    As soon as your order is sent by Westpack, you will automatically receive an e-mail with a link to our track and trace system. You can use this system to follow your order and see where the parcel is located. Did you not receive this e-mail? Please contact our sales department.

    Who will deliver my parcel?
    Packages within the European Union will be delivered by GLS.  For more information about shipping, and to learn more about shipping outside of the EU, please contact our sales department.

    I wasn’t available at the time of the delivery and have not received my parcel, what do I do?
    Orders to the UK: If you weren't home when GLS tried to deliver the parcel, GLS will try to deliver the parcel again the following work day. If you still aren't home, they will leave a note in your mail box, saying where you can pick up your parcel. Note: it is possible to give a power of attorney to your neighbour, click here to see how.

    Orders to Finland: If you weren't home when GLS tried to deliver the parcel, they will leave a note in your mail box saying where you can pick up your parcel.

    Do I need to sign for the delivery of my parcel?
    Yes, the receiver of the parcel will need to sign for delivery. The signature will be saved, so later on we can always view who signed for your parcel.  Note: it is possible to give a power of attorney to your neighbour, click here to see how.

    Is it possible to have my parcel delivered in the weekend?
    No, delivery will only take place on work days between 08:30 – 16:00 (CET, Central European Time)

    I need my package delivered at a specific time
    Unfortunately we are not able to specify a time for the delivery of the parcel, but you can track your order. Access the track and trace system via the e-mail you received from Westpack when your parcel was dispatched.

    Can I use a PO-box for the delivery of my parcel?
    Unfortunately we can not deliver your parcel to a PO-box, because the receiver needs to sign for the parcel. However, it is possible to send the invoice to a PO-box, as long as we have a physical post-address to deliver your parcel to.
    Should you have any further questions about the dispatch and delivery of your parcel, please contact our sales department.

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    Do I need to add VAT to my invoice?
    Within the European Union, companies do not have to pay VAT when trading with companies in different EU-member states, should you have a valid VAT-number at your disposal. If you do not have a valid VAT number, your orders need to be prepaid and Danish VAT will be added to your orders (25%).
    If your order is placed from a country outside the EU, you will have to pay import tax when your parcel is delivered. Import tax will have to be paid to the shipment company. Westpack can not provide you with an estimate of these costs.

    What are your terms and conditions for payment?
    Only registered companies are able to trade with Westpack. Private orders will not be processed. Sole traders registered in Britain are an exception to the rule.

    Creditworthy customers, ordering from Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, with a valid VAT-number are able to receive a payment credit of 14 days.
    Creditworthy customers from other EU-countries, with a valid VAT-number, will have to prepay their first order, but may be eligible for receiving a payment credit of 14 days afterwards.
    Customers ordering without a VAT-number or ordering from outside of the European Union are not eligible for receiving a payment credit and thus need to prepay their orders.  

    When the invoiced amount has not been paid before the due date, a reminder will be issued. Administrative charges of € 15 / £ 11 will be added. Furthermore, 2% interest will be added for each month the invoice remains unpaid. A total of 3 reminders will be issued, after which, if the payment still has not been received, the case is transferred to a collection agency and the payment credit will be revoked.

    Is it possible to use SEPA Direct Debit as a payment method?
    If you order in EURO, it is possible to use SEPA and save 2% on the invoice, and if you order in DKK you can pay via PBS. For other currencies, we unfortunately can not offer you this option.

    Could I pay with my credit card?
    Yes it is possible to pay with your credit card, but unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible, to do that through our web shop. Credit card payments can only be done via telephone, by calling  +44 870 820 0900. An invoice fee of 2.9% will be added when you choose credit card payment.

    Do I get a discount if I prepay or pay within 8 days?
    No, unfortunately we can not offer you a discount if you prepay or pay your invoice within 8 days. If you pay in Euro however, you can sign up for SEPA Direct Debit and save 2% on your invoice. Please fill in the form here and send it to us by Post. Please note that we offer a quantity discount on most of our products, should you order larger quantities. This discount is visible on our website when you are logged in.

    I have not received an invoice, could I have a copy?
    All invoices are by default sent by e-mail as the parcel is dispatched. If you did not receive your invoice digitally, please contact our us via Please note your customer number and the number of the invoice you are missing and we will make sure you will receive a copy of the invoice.  

    I received a payment reminder, what do I do?
    If you ordered with the 14-days payment credit, your order needs to be paid within 14 days of the invoice date. When your payment has not been received within this period of time, you will receive a reminder. It is possible additional administrative charge will be added to your next invoice. For more information and answers to your questions, please contact our financial department;

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    Returns and Cancellation Policy

    When you receive your invoice, a return form is also attached. If you decide to return you order once it has been delivered, we will refund or exchange your purchase as long as the original packaging is undamaged and the item is returned in a saleable condition. You will need to return your purchase within 14 days from the date of delivery. The return address is:

    Westpack A/S
    Sletten 21
    7500 Holstebro

    I have ordered articles, which I do not wish to keep. Can I return them?
    Unused and non-defective products can only be returned to Westpack by prior arrangement, accompanied by a fully filled out return form. We will provide you with the return number required to fill out this form. You will be liable for the return delivery costs of unwanted orders.

    The goods must be in a saleable condition and must be returned in the original, undamaged packaging, along with any accessories and free gifts received with them. The original packaging provides the best protection for our products. We reserve the right to reject any returned items that were damaged due to insufficient packaging. It is recommended that the returned item is posted through a recorded delivery service as we cannot be held responsible for items that go missing in the post.

    On receipt of the returned, undamaged and unused item, we will issue a full refund for the cost of the product(s). Any items that are returned damaged or used, or with indications that you did not take reasonable care of them whilst they were in your possession, may result in a reduced refund.

    I have not received the ordered products? What do I do?
    When you receive an order from us, please check that the content of the parcel corresponds with the delivery note in the parcel. When something is not right, please contact our sales department within 14 days after the delivery. We will then choose the best way to solve the problem.

    The delivered articles are damaged. What do I do?
    You are obliged to check the delivered products upon receipt. If any of the products are damaged or not in the usual quality, Westpack will correct the mistake either by replacing the products or by issuing a credit note. Please contact our sales department within 14 days after the delivery.

    Can I return products with logo print?
    Products with logo print, custom-made products and products that in any other way have been processed cannot be returned or exchanged. Discontinued products purchased at prices reduced by more than 40% cannot be returned.

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    Folders and Flyers

    How do I subscribe myself to the newsletter?
    You can subscribe to our newsletters by creating an account on our website. You could also send an e-mail to . We send out a newsletters with news and fantastic offers.

    How do I unsubscribe to the newsletter?
    To unsubscribe our newsletter click "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the newletter you received, and you will be removed from the mailing list.

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    Using the online shop

    How can I view my sales history?
    Log in to your account to directly view your sales history. Logging in can be done by entering your username and password.

    I forgot my username, can you help me with this?
    Your username is your e-mail address.

    I lost my login details, could you retrieve these for me?
    Please click "forgot password and your password will be sent by e-mail.

    I am a customer at Westpack already, but I did not receive a username and password for the web shop?
    Existing customers do not automatically receive an account to our website.  Should you desire to shop online, please create a login. Your user name will be your e-mail address and you’re free to choose any password you desire. After submitting your information, you will automatically receive an e-mail with your personal login and password.

    I would like to place an order in the online shop, could you help me?
    Please feel free to contact our sales department during office hours, should you need assistance with placing an order in our online shop. We are happy to help you!

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    Other Questions

    What are Westpack’s opening hours?
    Monday – Thursday, from 08:00 to 20:00* and on Fridays from 08:00 to 15:00*.
    (*CET, Central European Time)

    Is Westpack opened during the summer holidays?
    Yes, our sales department and our stock and shipment department are opened throughout the year. Our online shop is opened 24/7, throughout the year!  

    My question is not listed anywhere, how can you help me?
    Please contact us via or via +44 870 820 0900 if you need any help, with anything at all. Our sales deparment will happily assist you.

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    About Westpack

    Westpack is a leading supplier in the jewellery packaging industry. Our main target group consists of jewellery shops, goldsmiths, and jewellery manufacturers all around Europe.
    Our product range includes, amongst others, jewellery boxes, jewellery cases, and jewellery displays .

    When you create a log-in for our online shop, you can view the prices of all our products immediately, and place your order online.

    Customer Service

    Do you have any questions or would you just like to know a bit more about our company or products? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Opening hours:
    8:00-19:00* Monday to Thursday
    8:00-15:00* Friday


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